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Carbon Dioxide CO2 Gas Expansion Fracturing Tube

Model: KQL0001
Applications: quarrying, mining, construction
Product Description

Functions:Carbon Dioxide (CO2), it can be liquefied under high-pressure situation. Filling the liquefied CO2 into a special cylinder (blasting cartridge ) by high-pressure pump, then installs safety diaphragm, bursting disc, heat conduction rod, gasket ring, and tighten the end cap, that finish the preparation works of the blasting.

Take the blasting cartridge, initiator, power cables to the working site. Put the blasting cartridge into pre-drilled holes, connect power supply to the initiator, when the current go through heat conduction rod, it causes high-temperature to break the safety diaphragm down, liquid CO2 will gasify instantly and expand suddenly, which causes high impact force to break through the relief valve and generate geometric-level power to demolish the blasting objects.

The whole procedure is only 0.4 millisecond, it just works under usual circumstance, does not mix together with other liquid or gas, no harmful gas, no electric arc or spark, does not limited by high-temperature, humidity, cold, etc. Meanwhile, It can dilute the gas inside pit, no shock, no powdery. CO2 is a kind of inert gas, but not flammable and explosive. The blasting procedure is just a physical works instead of chemical reaction.

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