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New 3rd generation gas expansion cracking tube
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Meets all international standard, leading fracking device that can save hundreds of thousands of electricity - each client, every year; Increases the working efficiency of existing mining (engineering) works by more than three times;

This is a super cost-effective device, only 10% cost of similar products;

Our universal device has been used widely in the mining industry, concrete (rock) demolition projects, water conservancy slope treatment, electrolytic aluminum tank cleaning, tunneling, digging, and other construction and mining project

Kejali R&D team is the first research team on hydraulic drilling and splitting machines in China. Prior to this, Kejali has 10 years of experience in the research and development of steel tensile testing machines, which enables Kejali hydraulic drilling and splitting machine to an international leader for product quality and high-grade material

After years of continuous research, the quality, durability and performance of products have been evaluated top grade by China Railway Bureau, Chongqing Metro, Gezhouba power station, Angola housing construction project, South Africa railway  project, India Engineering force and other clients in national and international level

Join us and become the exclusive agent of KEJALI. You will master the most effective operation tools and learn the best operation methods in the world, Successful business and high returns return.


Science, technology and research for new production, meet the needs of customers and create the greatest economical benefits for customers.

"innovative technology with value-added services"

Since its establishment, Kejali has been committed to the research, production and sales of mining equipment and construction engineering equipment. As an enterprise, we take responsibilities for cut the costs and solves the problems of development of construction machinery. Provides customers with unique solutions with quality services

Service in cultural difference is valued at Kejali and not limited to systems or procedures, but moreover, it integrated into the management of the enterprise which pursued in the company. We are adhering to the tenet of "keeping credibility, respecting commitments" and relay on the business principle

"serving and value customers".


The company has strict accordance with the ISO9000 international quality management system and provides clients with related services according to requirements and product technical specifications. We have won the trust of thousands of customers with our high-quality products and first-class services.

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