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A New Generation of Concrete /Rock Demolishing Equipment

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  • This international leading equipment can solve the explosive problem but no need to go through any relevant department approval.

  • This equipment work efficiency can be triple of the existing mines

  • This general equipment can be widely used in mining, concrete  / rock demolish, tunnel drivage and other projects.

KEJALI R&D team is the earliest team who is devoted to developing the hydraulic rock drilling machine and splitter. The raw materials of the hydraulic rock drilling machine and splitter is in the international leading level , as before making it ,the company had studied the steel tensile testing machine more than ten years .After R&D team continuous exploration, a whole set of the Non-explosive demolishing equipment had been developed which could totally substitute explosive in some respects and it is highly energy-efficient and safety . KEJALI products had won widespread good reputation in domestic and foreign district ,just like China. Railway First Group COChongqing Metro, Gezhouba hydropower station .South Africa Railway Construction, Indian Engineer Corps and so on.

Attend KeJaLi and become the local agent (distributer) today, then you would grasp the most efficient working tools and learned the most excellent working method. When you are helping others ,you can also be very successful and earned big profit back.

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Hotline:+86 ‭‭18923427283‬